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How it works

Remember how hard getting from A to B was before we had GPS? Stress, confusion, delays and detours. Now, getting anywhere is a breeze. Just type in your destination, and our Artificial Intelligence (AI) works its magic. Now you can do the same with your finances, on time and stress-free.

moneyGPS is a powerful AI-driven advice platform to help you get you to where you want to go. No more guessing or making mistakes. Instead, moneyGPS enables you to navigate to your financial success.

You tell us about you and your financial goals.
Our powerful AI run your numbers against data, research and insights from the financial world.
You receive a clear, easy, personalised factual report or plan to follow.
You pick your options, track your progress, refine your choices and hit your goals.

moneyGPS, a world first, designed for a new world.

Get to your desired destination with the right advice for you.

Whether you have a specific goal in mind, or would simply like to understand the options that are available to you, it can be hard to know how to start planning your financial future.

That’s why we created moneyGPS — a simple and affordable way for more Australians to get the guidance they need to reach their financial goals.

moneyGPS offers everyone access to Simple, Convenient, Financial Solutions at a Low Cost!

We’re Different

Uses powerful, smart technology to simplify and streamline the process.

Transparent Fees

Designed for your benefit, not ours – no hidden agendas, no undisclosed fees and no pushy upselling.

We’re All About You

Suitable for both long and short-term financial goals, large and small.

Easy to Use

Easy to understand and affordable.

Genuine Advice

Gives you the advice most suited to your situation and what you want to achieve.

Quality insights

Combines both real time and historical data, research and insights.


Only use what you need, and only pay for what you use.

Expert Support

You are always in control and have access to experts as and when required.

Fully Licensed

Peace of mind: fully licensed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)

What they are saying

“I‘ve never been to a financial adviser, don’t know if I’d be ready to spend thousands ...but one topic at a time for $300, I could dip my toe in!”

Phillip - June 2021

“Love moneyGPS. It helped me understand how to use my money to plan for retirement”

Brandon - July 2021

“I’ve been looking for a simple way to get my financial life in order that doesn’t cost a lot of money. moneyGPS is helping me do that and giving me more confidence about my future”

Kylie - August 2021

Navigate your way to financial freedom;

the ability to live by your own rules, your own timelines and with who you choose. We are on a mission to empower Australians to live their best lives through smart financial advice.

Industry Leading Security

moneyGPS conforms to the highest standards of security both in terms of technology used, as well as how we store information You can rest easy knowing your data is protected at all times. moneyGPS is also an Australian owned and operated entity, based in Melbourne and supports local services, whilst working with leading service providers – domestic & international, to assist our clients.”

Cloud Security

All data is stored with AWS Cloud Security in Sydney which as its own back-up protocols. If anything happens in Sydney, such as a power outage, the next level of AWS protection kicks-in with their back up servers located in Melbourne.

AES 256

moneyGPS uses an AWS data base called Aurora which uses Advanced Encryption Standard 256 – basically, this is the toughest level of encryption in the world. Getting data in and out of the system through API’s uses the AWS APU gateway which is mAuth approved.

24-7 Monitoring

We have agreements in place with an AWS approved partner who monitors and maintains our database and application 24 hours a day – for that extra piece of mind.

Data Ownership

moneyGPS asks only for the information directly relevant to the advice our clients seek, and does not store any government linked sensitive data, such as Medicare numbers or identification details. Most importantly, clients can request we remove their data from our system at any time.