Offer digitally-enabled financial advice with or without your own AFSL

Provide affordable personal advice with minimum effort, cost and risk

Support your clients to take the lead and make better financial decisions through AFFORDABLE digitally delivered compliant single-topic advice.

moneyGPS is a turnkey SaaS platform that makes financial advice accessible for the 90% of Australians that cannot afford comprehensive advice.

As seen in



Generate a new revenue stream and support third-party referrals.

Client Relationship
Provide exceptional value to your entire client base from day one.


Client Reach
Tap into the wants and needs of your tech-savvy clients and attract new ones.

Scale your business, broaden your offering and capture key referral partners with a tech-based solution.


Go fully client-led or use alongside an adviser to align with your brand experience.

Use our tech to do the heavy lifting and achieve more with less effort.

Money Check-Up Report
A best-in-class user experience

Clients start their advice journey with this free, detailed factual report on their financial health and position. It can be self-led, done by, or with an adviser.

It helps them clarify financial goals and the best ways to achieve them in under 15 minutes. They can choose to chat to a friendly and qualified GPS Coach at any time, and purchase appropriate digital SoAs ranging from $90-180 AUD per topic. 

What’s included in the Money Check Up Report?

How does moneyGPS work?

Watch this two-minute video to find out why the user-friendly Money Check-Up Report has a 79% completion rate.

Simple and affordable statements of advice

Help your clients improve financial outcomes with access to affordable, compliant advice that uses our AFSL or yours with our advice rules.



A full catalogue of single advice topics and products with only the most suitable being served up.


Digital advice SoAs range from $90-180 AUD per topic.


Clients can access online in their own time and have the option to talk to a GPS Coach.


Compliant - providing that sense of confidence.


Clients can dip in and out and progress at their own pace.

It's our policy not to retain any commissions. 80% are allocated back to your practice and 20% is donated to GPS charities.

Subscription Pricing

Subscriptions start at just $530+GST per month per office.

All tiered pricing options include

Discover the right plan for your business.

What your clients get

  • Access to appropriate affordable digital advice Single-Topic SoAs for purchase, starting at less than $100.
  • A Freemium subscription where they can save thousands.
  • Option to upgrade to paid monthly subscription ($20-24pm) to gain additional discounts on SoAs and other benefits.
  • Access to educational courses.
  • Access to a large range of approved providers for discounted-rate services such as Wills and Estate Planning, Insurance, Lending and Finance.
  • Regular communications that help them get their finances in order.

What your firm gets

  • Option to white-label, including logo, brand colours, and services.
  • Co-branded moneyGPS landing page on your website.
  • Comprehensive onboarding program where we do the heavy lifting.
  • Optional money-back guaranteed, done-for-you marketing program.
  • Option to include in-house customised products and services.
  • Access to technical webinars.
  • Management reporting function.
  • Annual strategic review.
  • Annual online conference.
  • Generous 80% revenue share from all financial services with the remaining 20% going to GPS-supported charities.
  • 100% of revenue is retained for incorporated internal advisory or external referral services and products.

Available to all advice-inclusive tiers, moneyGPS works with a marketing partner to implement an agreed client marketing and communication program via a secure platform. 


  • Helps your clients get the most value out of your moneyGPS subscription
  • Removes any cost or burden for your staff
  • Client data is held securely by our marketing partner in an omni-channel customer engagement platform.
  • moneyGPS does not have any access to your client data
  • Guarantee – a full-year marketing fee will be refunded if you don’t recoup the cost of the marketing program within the first year. 

What’s included in the marketing and communications program?

  • Launch campaign
  • Automated follow-up emails
  • Annual content marketing program
  • Monthly EDMs: specific services & promotions  
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Client surveys

All services are offered at concessional pricing via fee reductions or cash rebates accessible from each service provider. All service providers have been reviewed by the moneyGPS Compliance & Investment Committee, including for cybersecurity protection and are also listed in the AFSL’s Approved Product List (APL).

Subscribing firms can further customise their white-label platform with the integration of several of their in-house services or those of their external service partners in areas including: estate planning, lending & finance, insurance, and comprehensive advice.

moneyGPS Platform Services

  • Comprehensive Advice
  • Wealth Platform
  • Lending & Finance
  • Personal Insurance
  • Aged Care Advice 
  • Aged Care Support 
  • Online Wills 
  • Bespoke Estate Planning 
  • Home Equity Release 
  • Advanced Care Plans 
  • Direct Property Services 
  • Property Fragment Investing  
  • Property Management 
  • Retail Reward Service 
  • Credit Scoring 
  • General Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Utilities & Telco Services – Review Service

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Start generating a new revenue stream.

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