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moneyGPS 101

Watch this 2-minute overview video to find out.

Once your practice has subscribed to moneyGPS and the onboarding process is completed, a white-labeled and fully branded, Money Hub page is added to your business website that contains the entry into the moneyGPS platform. Your clients can navigate to the link either through your website or via a unique link you provide to them. Once they register, using the unique code that links them to your business, they can log in to the platform whenever they want.

moneyGPS is only available through institutions, Super funds, financial advice practices, accounting practices, retail groups and employers.

No. Any digital financial advice is issued through the moneyGPS AFSL. 

No. moneyGPS is an online platform that provides digitally generated personal financial advice through the completion of its Money Check-Up Report. This is a digital fact find that determines the most appropriate advice a client needs to achieve their respective financial objectives.

A GPS Coach is a salaried finance professional, usually an ex-financial adviser and CFP, who provides general advice to a client via an online meeting after the Money Check-Up has been completed. This 30min meeting with a GPS Coach is free. Additional sessions are available for clients to purchase and range from $55 for 30 minutes to $110 for 60 minutes.

  • Option to white-label, including logo, brand colours, and services.
  • Co-branded moneyGPS landing page on your website.
  • Comprehensive onboarding program. 
  • Optional money-back guaranteed, done-for-you marketing program where we do all the heavy lifting.
  • Option to include in-house financial services & products.
  • Access to technical webinars.
  • Management reporting function.
  • Annual strategic review.
  • Annual online conference.
  • 50% of the revenue generated from digital advice plans.   
  • Generous 80% revenue share from all external financial services, with the remaining 20% going to GPS-supported charities.
  • 100% of revenue is retained for incorporating a subscribing firms internal advisory or external referral services and products.
  • 100% of revenue is retained should a subscribing firm charge a fee for clients to use the service.
  • Access to appropriate, affordable digital advice single-topic SoAs for purchase, at between $99 – $198 inc gst.
  • A Freemium no cost subscription where they can save thousands.
  • Option to upgrade to a paid monthly or annual subscriptions to gain between a 25% – 50% discount on SoA fees and access other benefits to save thousands.
  • Access to educational courses.
  • Access to an extensive range of approved providers for special-rate services such as Wills and Estate Planning, Insurance, Lending and Finance –  which can be substituted for the subscribing advisers services.
  • An ongoing marketing and communications program that helps them get their finances in order.

It’s a simple 3-step process.

    1. Your client completes the Money Check-Up and is provided with a list of appropriate Advice SoAs they can choose and purchase.
    2. Your client answers some additional questions and then downloads a personal single-topic SoA.
    3. They have the option for additional human support from a GPS Coach.

moneyGPS is owned by Fiduciary Financial Group Pty Ltd. Fiduciary is an Australian Fintech company that develops technology to provide affordable, compliant personal digital advice and SMSF services to Australians through Institutions, Accountants, Financial Advisers, Superfunds, and Employers.


It’s a free, detailed factual report on an individual’s financial health and position.

Approximately 15 minutes. 

Clients simply answer some standard questions about their financial position and click download. You can watch this video for an overview.

  • Financial goals
  • Investment & Risk Profile
  • Insurance & Superannuation
  • Comparisons of Financial Position
  • Checklist of gaps & actions to resolve them
  • Access to relevant advice SoAs

It’s up to you. It can be fully client-led, and they can complete it in their own time, online. Accountants and financial advisers can also use it as part of their own client experience, providing assistance to complete the fact-find. You can also ask your client to complete it, and then you can go through it with them in person afterwards.

The Money Check-Up Report is included in the price of a practice subscription. It is free for your clients to use. 

There is no limit to the number of Money Check-Ups a client can complete. We recommend people complete the Money Check-Up every six months or whenever their circumstances change.

It is intended that integration with XPlan, Xero Practice Manager and Open Banking & Finance will be available during Q1 & Q2 2024.


Go to: to create your moneyGPS account. After entering some basic details you will need to select your business type and your preferred subscription type. 

Yes, you will virtually meet with one of our GPS Coaches to assist you with our onboarding process. To book a meeting with a GPS coach use the link found in your onboarding emails.

The client referral code is located in your management account  

The code can be shared with your clients individually or all clients can receive access to the moneyGPS platform via the launch program and ongoing client communications

You can switch and manage your subscription within your management account

You can see a demonstration video here.


The digital advice we offer:

  • Can be fully client-led
  • Is 100% digital
  • Is personal financial advice
  • Can be flexible with adviser input
  • Can be hybrid with the option to speak to a GPS Coach
  • Is nil to low touch
  • Covers super, retirement and non-super topics
  • Includes strategy and recommendations
  • Includes some digital implementation
  • Is delivered under the moneyGPS AFSL

After completing the Money Check-Up, they’ll receive a list of suitable and recommended SoAs. They simply select the advice topic they wish to complete, and they’ll be taken through a payment and ID verification process, exactly like an online shopping cart. 

Once the transaction has gone through, they’ll start the SoA process. Most of the information required will have already been collected in the Money Check-Up process, but depending on the topic, clients may have to answer a few additional questions before the algorithm and calculation engine can provide the completed SoA.

moneyGPS digital SoAs range from $90-180 + gst AUD per topic.

Yes, where appropriate. These can be default products from the moneyGPS AFSL’s Approved Product List (APL), or if a practice is subscribed to the Advice Custom or Advice Complete tiers, some products (i.e. lending services, insurance advice, estate planning etc) can be customised.

During the Money Check-Up, the algorithm identifies which single advice topics are in their best interest. Only appropriate single-topic SoAs will be available for clients to purchase once they have completed the Money Check-Up.

Super and non-super topics. New topics for early 2024 will include personal insurances and retirement income.

Our SoAs are between 10-14 pages long. They are simple to understand and do not use jargon or complex language. They are designed for non-finance professionals while fully complying with financial advice regulations.

Digital implementation is available for some topics and all other advice can be implemented with the assistance of a GPS coach.

Yes. The algorithm and calculations are regularly reviewed by three key professional groups: Compliance specialists, lawyers and financial advisers. In addition, regular testing on the security of the platform is undertaken by expert penetration testing firms, 

A full actuarial review of the advice rules and forecasting assumptions will be undertaken in Q1 2024. The government is also supportive of digital advice with the Financial Services Minister encouraging superfunds to use digital advice services to help scale the delivery of personal advice to their members (7th Dec 2023).

Yes we are currently working on building out more SOAs for both wealth accumulators and pre-retirees and these will be available to purchase on the platform once completed in early 2024.


You can find all the pricing options on our homepage.

moneyGPS does not keep any commissions, only the firm and client subscription fees. 80% of revenue share from all financial services (initial & ongoing retail commissions and fees) goes back to the subscribing practice, with the remaining 20% going to GPS-supported charities. 100% of revenue is retained for incorporated internal advisory or external referral services and products. Subscribing firms who charge their clients a fee to access the moneyGPS platform also retain 100% of that fee.

Discover this case study with financial projections to determine what kind of return your practice could achieve.

Yes you can. We recommend you contact moneyGPS directly to discuss any such requirement. Multiple sites will also provide for reduced Plan subscription fees.


Firms subscribed to the Advice Custom or Advice Complete tiers can integrate up to three of their in-house services or those of their external service partners or products into the platform. Additional products and services can be integrated at an extra cost.


moneyGPS works with its marketing partner to implement an agreed client marketing and communication program to your client base via a secure platform. It enables you to get the most value out of your moneyGPS subscription without any additional operational burden on your staff or business. The marketing program is fully branded and comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

We partner with Feedsy who are specialist marketers in the financial services industry. They work with over 200 accounting firms and financial advisory businesses in Australia and the UK.

Our marketing partner holds your client data securely in an omni-channel customer engagement platform. moneyGPS does not have any access to your client data.

  • Launch campaign
  • Automated follow-up emails
  • Annual content marketing program
  • Monthly EDMs: specific services & promotions  
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Client surveys

The full-year marketing fee will be refunded if you don’t recoup the cost of the marketing program within the first year. 


  • Wealth Platform
  • Lending & Finance
  • Personal Insurance
  • Aged Care Advice 
  • Aged Care Support 
  • Online Wills 
  • Bespoke Estate Planning 
  • Home Equity Release 
  • Advanced Care Plans 
  • Direct Property Services 
  • Property Fragment Investing  
  • Property Management 
  • Retail Reward Service 
  • Credit Scoring 
  • General Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Utilities & Telco Services – Review Service
  • Comprehensive Advice (subscribing practice’s integrated service)

All service providers have been reviewed by the moneyGPS Compliance & Investment Committee, including for cybersecurity protection and are also listed in the AFSL’s Approved Product List (APL).

All services are offered at concessional pricing via fee reductions or cash rebates accessible from each service provider. 

Firms subscribed to the Advice Custom or Advice Complete tiers can integrate several of their in-house services or those of their external service partners in areas including: estate planning, lending & finance, insurance, and comprehensive advice. The subscribing firm will retain 100% of all revenue generated from the use of these services.


When your practice subscribes to moneyGPS, your clients are given automatic freemium membership (i.e. no cost) when they sign up to the platform. However, a subscribing firm can choose to charge their clients an annual fee to access moneyGPS services. 100% of that fee is retained by the firm. 

Freemium $0 FREE forever

Flexi $24 per month (month-by-month billing)

Plus $240 per year (annual billing)

Flexi and Plus subscribers can access half-price financial plans (SoAs) and concessions on other finance-related services.

If your client doesn’t cover the cost of their annual subscription fee in savings in the first year, moneyGPS will refund the first-year fee.