About moneyGPS

moneyGPS is all about delivering accessible and affordable financial advice to working Australians - people who cannot afford the ever increasing costs of traditional comprehensive financial advice.

moneyGPS, has developed a powerful Strategic Advice Technology (SAT) system that helps people navigate their finances, and provides access to affordable financial advice whenever you need it - day or night, in the comfort of your home, car or even when you're in flight!

Remember how frustrating and complicated maps were before GPS? Nowadays, we just punch in where we want to go and get there with ease. No wrong turns, no dead ends, just smooth travelling. Well, the moneyGPS team has created a GPS for your finances. It's an Australian first!

moneyGPS works on the same principle – type in your current financial situation and where you want to go, and the AI does all the work for you and guides you for an optimal outcome. It's that easy!

moneyGPS has been designed for all working Australians regardless of income or life stage, is easy to use and offers simple guidance and advice that helps you improve the way you manage your money!

moneyGPS uses smart technology to assess your financial situation and your goals and plots a course to financial success. The moneyGPS calculation engine analyses all of the client data, producing a compliant advice plan for each single topic.

The system also builds a user’s profile, thereby eliminating the need to keep completing questionnaires for every new plan. We call that the ‘Client Vault’ - it’s a Game changer!

Importantly, anyone who has complex needs, is identified at the beginning of the advice process, and will still need to meet with one of our financial experts.

“We aren’t telling people how to plan for a world trip by booking every hotel, train and every contingency that might arise. This isn’t a A-Z plan. What our moneyGPS does, backed by our digital platform, is guide you from A to B with ease and confidence. We will work with you to get to C if that’s your goal – when the time is right for you. You will arrive where you need to go…it just won’t be overwhelming, confusing, and most importantly, expensive. It feels light and comfortable. A bit like first class travel at economy prices…”


"What we love seeing is our clients’ gaining confidence. They see their financial situation improve quickly, become more adventurous and visualise new possibilities. We have seen people who thought they were terrible with managing their money, now getting their financial house in order, simply, cheaply and whenever it suits to do so.
Just like you can shave off 30 minutes on a 2-hour trip with Google Maps, our clients are arriving at their financial goals faster, relaxed and with a capacity to do more with their money. It's exciting to witness."

George Haramis, CEO

We're here to help

We want our clients to feel empowered and understand all the different moving parts of a successful financial life.

We wished there was less photosynthesis and trigonometry at school and more money management education, so we decided to pull together handy resources, so if you feel inclined, you can learn as you travel along with us.

We are on a mission to help people become actively involved in their finances, by accessing our digital advice tools - all of which are easy to use, and help you get your ‘financial house in order' - whether you’re just starting out in life, keen to improve your financial situation by managing your money better and taking advantage of opportunities that can help along the way ….. or planning for retirement!

We know that for a healthy future for all of us, people need to treat their financial health with as much care as their physical health.

moneyGPS is here to help everyday Australians build a financially stable future.

You and Your Journey

This isn't a guy in a back room, figuring out how he can make commissions from vulnerable prey. This is big science and powerful AI working out the most efficient route of success for the user, based on personal factors such as life expectancy, health, risk profile, income, assets, debts and the type of lifestyle they want to create.

This is sophisticated technology being utilised for the best outcome for the user.

Once you have your Money Check-Up report, then it's simply a case of following the suggested actions which will vary for each user.

Importantly the report will identify any appropriate financial advice topics to complete for your situation - all costing less than $300 per topic vs. the typical $’000’s normally charged. It also assesses for any other non-advice needs that require attention, in order to help you get ahead financially.

Our moneyGPS Coaches are also available to discuss the report outcomes, answer any questions you have on the report details and guidance, and help prioritise which actions to take. A 45 minute zoom meeting with one of our specialists only costs $82.50 inc GST - but could help you save much more!

Implement the easy-to-follow money roadmap.

Select the next Single Topic Advice when you are ready.

How it Works


Start with our FREE Money Check-Up, which is one of the cornerstones of our easy-to-use platform, helping you to comprehensively review your goals and current financial situation, then identify and assess anything that requires further attention.

The whole process takes about 10 minutes.

When finished, you receive a factual report to see where you are and how you could make some important adjustments to improve your financial situation.

The Money Check-Up also helps:

Improve your finances

Alerts you to where you need advice and where you can find it

Offers valuable financial insights, with no obligation!

Tells you where you are winning

Finally, financial advice delivered in an affordable way for people who need it most.

Another Game Changer!