accountantsGPS: Australia’s First Digital SMSF Check-Up

The accountants pathway to deliver affordable advice & guidance for their SMSF, Individual & SME clients, by using new technology and without needing a licence.

accountantsGPS Delivers Value to the Accounting Profession

accountants GPS was established to provide relevant services to the accounting profession, commencing with the development of the SMSF Digital Check-Up Report. accountantsGPS also offers a comprehensive program of SMSF focussed financial services, including SMSF Advice - subject to industry demand.

  • A First for the SMSF industry by introducing the SMSF Check-Up analysis, comprising: Tailored factual report for any SMSF Trustee and Member - Leading to better financial and compliance outcomes. Comprehensive Onboarding & Support Program – for both the Accounting Firm & Client.
  • Nil impact on firms: Operational Infrastructure, Staff time, and Cost structure – It is Expense Neutral.
  • Affordable financial services available for All clients: Significant support to any in-house advice offering.
  • Enhance two key items: Relationship between client and the accountant – building on the ‘Trusted Advice’ status and firm revenue.

Key Outputs from the SMSF Check-Up

The report has been prepared in a user-friendly format, saving what would normally be at least hours or days, to create a similar analysis - even if it could be possible to undertake manually, depending upon the complexity of the fund. The time to generate a single Report is less than 5 minutes to; choose a fund, load the information, and answer a couple of questions*.

  • Cost comparisons
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Asset allocation review
  • Four areas of contributions
  • Retirement modelling and other projections
  • Compliance review
  • Property review
  • And much more!
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Start Using the SMSF Check-Up Report

As the SMSF Check-Up is exclusive to BGL clients, please select from the following options, to start using the industry’s First Digital Report to provide a comprehensive analysis of an SMSF in less than 5 minutes! 

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About Fiduciary

Fiduciary is a Melbourne-based Fintech that has developed a unique digital platform that enables the delivery of affordable, fully client-led personal advice, designed to support the millions of working Australians with a solution to meet their unserved advice needs. - without the need to engage a financial adviser.

Its solution bridges the advice affordability gap.

The platform also works alongside the mainstream advisory industry to help advisers support and nurture clients, they cannot afford to service for a multitude of reasons - but want to continue to engage with over time.

Fiduciary owns both accountantsGPS and moneyGPS. Visit the moneyGPS website:

How moneyGPS Advice Delivers Affordable Financial Advice

Fiduciary’s moneyGPS digital advice platform was designed to bridge the advice affordability gap existing in Australia. Fiduciary’s CEO, George Haramis said that technology now exists that can solve the problem of delivering compliant and affordable advice to everyone who needs it via digital means.

Contact us today!

If your firm is interested to explore the ability to offer accessible and affordable personal financial advice to ALL your clients via digital means - and without a need to have a license – contact moneyGPS as follows:

Meet the Founders

George Haramis

Co-founder & CEO
George has 35 years financial services experience in senior executive roles managing some of the country’s largest and most successful financial advisory business. Organisations that George has been involved with include: Perpetual Private Clients, Head of Advice & Investments at ANZ Private Bank, Managing Director of RetireInvest – Australia’s only Franchised Advice business, Principal of Mercer Global Consulting and managed Sealcorps advice business Securitor, as well as helping to establish the Asgard Corporate division.

During his career, he has developed an extensive range of financial service offerings designed for the accounting profession, which proved to be invaluable when he established his own company and partnered with 35 accounting practices that eventually became licensed to his AFSL for SMSF Advice purposes.

Drew Fenton

Co-founder, and Non-Executive Director

Drew has over 35 years financial services experience. After working for global insurance companies. He started Fenton Green Insurance Broker who provide services to the Australian financial services sector.
Drew is a CPA and has had over 40 years’ experience in providing risk management and insurance services to the Australian accounting profession, in addition to advising the 3 main accounting bodies CPA Australia, CAANZ & IPA.
In the last 20 years, his own business Fenton Green - has been the preferred insurance broker to CPA Australia. Fenton Green currently looks after 3,000 CPA accounting firms as well as another 500 (ICA& IPA) firms.
Drew is also a founding director of Myworkpapers an international software company servicing the accounting sector.

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