Bricklet Property Investment

moneyGPS has identified that you can grow your property portfolio with much less capital outlay with a new way to purchase smaller pieces of direct property.

Suitable for anyone who wants to grow a property portfolio, especially with a self managed superfund and wants to own a portfolio of direct property starting with as little as $20,000.

How You Will Benefit from Property at a fraction of the Full Property Cost

  • You can purchase property fragments from as little as $20,000. Start now and build a diverse portfolio. This is the same as owning full properties.
  • Properties are managed by licensed property managers who pay any rental income directly into your bricklet wallet and provide updates about your property. Any crucial decisions are voted on directly by the owners, leaving you always in complete control of your property assets.
  • Bricklet is a revolutionary technology-led marketplace of property fragments. Bringing together developers, consultants, legal specialists, property managers and advisors in one easy to access platform, making your journey as simple and easy as possible.
  • Bricklet is backed by some of the biggest players in the industry like Mirvac, Stockland and REA Group. They are all part-owners of Bricklet.


You can start building a portfolio of property fragments TODAY

In the property questions you mentioned that you have no property.

This is not uncommon, especially as the prices of property continue to rise.

Property fragments allow you to get started on property ladder today and not miss out on any current growth in the property market.

The benefits of building a portfolio of property fragments are the same as having a portfolio of full properties. You receive rental income, and potential capital growth in line with the property market.

This means that you have a diverse property portfolio for less money, which helps to de-risk your investment in direct property assets, which could help you reach your retirement goals quicker!



Tough Talk

In the property world, Time is money!

Don’t miss out on the booming property market. Property e-commerce marketplace Bricklet is bringing property investment within reach. You can purchase property fragments from as little as $20,000. Start now and build a diverse property portfolio. The sooner you start making your property purchases, the sooner you will see the benefits of the capital growth of property.

Start your property portfolio today and benefit from the property market!

Why Bricklet is the preferred offering for moneyGPS


Building a portfolio of property fragments provides the opportunity of investing in direct property – so Act Now:

  • Simple – So everyone can purchase property fragments with ease
  • Convenient – Accessing the marketplace in your own time
  • Diverse – You can purchase a range of property investments
  • Affordable – Property fragments start from $20,000
  • Safe – Ownership is registered on land title



Bricklet Property Investment

Finally, you have a solution, a roadmap, to help you achieve your financial dreams.

It's liberating to know you have the resources and assistance to get started on your financial journey.

It helps free your mind to work on your ‘financial to do list’ and keep taking those ‘exciting’ steps.

Importantly moneyGPS will be with you every step of the way.

5 Top reasons this will help your future:

  • Get on the property ladder sooner
  • Less risk building a diverse portfolio than having one full property for investment
  • Simple user experience makes it easy to transact
  • Achieve your super and retirement goals quicker
  • Peace of Mind knowing you may improve your financial position

Start Your Portfolio Now!

It doesn’t take long to get started and purchase your first property fragments. Then you will be able to stop the “what if’ thinking.
Click the link and start your property portfolio