Compare and Connect

moneyGPS has identified that you can improve your overall financial position by comparing expenses to determine if there is a better option for you.

Suitable for anyone who pays bills.

Don’t pay more than you need to on your bills

compare & connect reduce the time and confusion normally required to compare providers and give you the opportunity to save money on your expenses. Once complete you can rest assured knowing you’re not throwing money away.

Reduce your expenses and use the money for things that you would prefer.

No one wants to be wasting money that they could be using on other more important things.

Utility and insurance rates change regularly so be confident you are on the best deal for you by doing a quick check.

Save money On:

  • Electricity
  • Broadband
  • Bottled Gas
  • Gas
  • Pay TV
  • Health
  • Life
  • More!


Tough Talk

Time is money! The longer you leave your expenses unchecked the more money you potentially waste paying higher rates than you need to.

Compare your expenses now!

moneyGPS have chosen to partner with compare & connect because they provide:

  • Range - Plans from a range of providers competing for your business so you can enjoy low prices from providers that suit you.
  • No cost - Comparisons are at no cost or obligation to you.
  • Easy – Technology does the hard work for you, so it’s no longer in the too hard basket.
  • Flexible – Option to complete a comparison and switch online at any time of day or night, or if you need assistance, we have 150+ trained staff all based in Melbourne you can speak with on the phone until 9pm on weeknights or on the weekend.
  • Quick – a comparison takes a matter of minutes.



Compare and Connect

This is one task that could save you hundreds. Once complete you can rest assured knowing you’re not throwing money away.

Start by doing a gas and electricity comparison now, grab your last bill and technology will do the hard work for you.

Within minutes you will have confidence knowing you are either on a great rate or you’ve initiated a switch to start saving you money.

*Save on bills/Save on effort: This may not apply to all customers due to many limitations.

5 Top reasons this will help you on your financial journey!

  • Ensure you aren’t wasting money on your bills
  • Take the hassle out of comparing confusing bills
  • Select the provider that suits you
  • You could improve cash flow or achieve savings goals quicker
  • Have peace of mind knowing you have improved your financial position

Start the process!

Click the link and upload a bill now.