moneyGPS has identified that based upon the responses to the digital questionnaire, downsizing your property could help you unlock a better lifestyle in retirement.

Whether you’re looking to make a sea change, treechange or simply considering a lower-maintenance home, Homesuite can help you.

Make your downsizing dreams a reality and leave the ‘how’ to Homesuite

Homesuite is the premier service solution for downsizers throughout Australia and can support you in three key areas:

  • Understanding what’s possible: understanding the value of your current property, selling cost calculators, downsizing guides, helping identify new property options
  • Preparing to move: short-listing high performing real estate agents, helping negotiate selling terms, decluttering, conveyancing, pre-sale repairs and cleaning
  • Making the move: coordinating removalists, packing / unpacking, storage, utility connections

The choice is in your hands the whole way. You decide where you want to go, and Homesuite will help you get there.

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Reduce stress, anxiety and time to transition, whilst saving thousands of dollars along the journey

When you completed your Retirement Checkup, you indicated that you’re planning on downsizing.

This can be a complex and emotional journey, and one that Homesuite’s property experts are well versed in.

They can help take the stress out of this process as your central point of contact to coordinate decluttering, real estate agents, conveyancing and more.

Importantly, you are in control at every stage and can choose which services you would like to engage.

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Time is money! The past two years have seen the highest property market growth in 30 years, so your home could be worth a lot more than you realise.

Don’t miss the opportunity to sell and create a simpler lifestyle, with less maintenance and greater financial freedom.

Start your downsizing journey and make the most of your retirement.

Why Homesuite is our preferred downsizing partner

  • They help you understand the value of your home – Knowing what your nest egg is worth is the first step in making the decision to downsize
  • They coordinate many moving parts – Their property experts will do the legwork for you, arranging quotes, negotiating agent fees and more 
  • They’ll look after your best interest – Homesuite will give you trusted, unbiased advice honed from helping hundreds of downsizers just like you
  • They’ll save you money – Get access to exclusive deals and advice to help you avoid common pitfalls

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Downsizing is the key to living the retirement you’ve dreamed of.

Downsizing can be an emotional time, but it also signals opportunity and an exciting new lifestyle.

The Homesuite team will help you feel comfortable with the complex selling process and everything else that goes along with saying goodbye to your home.

Top 5 reasons downsizing is a great financial decision

  • Unlock equity from your current property
  • Give your super a boost under the government’s Downsizer Superannuation Contribution scheme
  • Reduce your ongoing maintenance costs
  • Reduce your selling costs with guidance from Homesuite’s property experts
  • Help your kids get a foot on the property ladder with leftover funds from your home sale

Speak to a property expert.

Downsizing isn’t an immediate decision, but there are steps you can take to get prepared. Homesuite can guide you through this process in your own time.

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