What moneyGPS Offers to All Working Australians

moneyGPS is all about delivering accessible and affordable advice to all working Australians.

To start a financial journey with moneyGPS, users are first invited to first complete one of our Check-Up Reports.

The Money Check-Up (MCU) is designed to provide the user with a factual report, to help them get their ‘financial house in order’.

The benefits of the MCU are that it not only identifies key financial needs that require attention, but it also provides suggested solutions to meet those needs, and which are in the best interest for the user.

Time required to complete the MCU: 15min – 20min
Price: Value of $200 …… but it’s FREE

How You Can Benefit from Completing the Money Check-Up

moneyGPS has developed a powerful Strategic Advice Technology (SAT) system that helps people navigate their finances and provides access to affordable financial advice whenever they need it – whether that advice is about their Super, planning for Retirement, or simply getting a better deal on daily living expense items - day or night in the comfort of their own home, car, or even when in flight!

Your Money Check-Up is the start of your financial journey.

Your personal Money Check-Up Report is designed to provide you with important information and guidance, to help make sure your life’s financial goals become real, by giving you:

A snapshot of your current financial position and wellness.

An understanding of whether you are on track to achieve your goals.

An overview of important financial milestones along your journey.

Importantly - an understanding of  potential ‘gaps’ or ‘financial needs’ in your plan and what actions you can take to meet those needs.

While this report does not constitute financial advice, the outcomes are based on personal information you have provided us and there may be actions that you wish to take which could eventually lead to financial advice.

How good is that …. and it’s FREE!


How It Works

The Money Check-Up is a fast and easy to use platform that helps you to review your current financial situation. It comprehensively reviews your position, then identifies and assesses anything that requires further attention – helping to get your ‘financial house in order’;

  • You tell us about you and your financial goals.
  • Our powerful AI runs your numbers against data, research and insights from the financial world.
  • You receive a clear, easy, personalised and factual assessment of your situation with a plan to follow – for FREE
  • You pick your options, track your progress, refine your choices and hit your goals

Once you have completed your Money check-Up then it’s simply a case of following the suggested actions which will vary for each user – but don’t worry, we’ll be there to guide you the whole time.

Importantly, the report will identify any appropriate financial advice topics to complete for your situation – all costing between $55 - $297 (inc gst) compared to the $’000’s you would pay for traditional advice.

If your situation is more complex it will identify you need the assistance of a financial adviser given the nature of financial advice. We’ve got that covered for you too!


Other Key Benefits

  • It’s your ‘Personal Information Vault’: we store your responses to help us populate any more reports or advice style questionnaires - no more filling out of multiple forms with the same information – That’s a ‘Game Changer’ ... YEAY!
  • Prepares you for advice - to complete personal advice topics for such things as; Super or Investing, insurances or for finance,
  • Alerts you to where you need advice and where you can find and afford it,
  • Identifies ways to improve your finances health & wellbeing
  • Offers safety and security for all your data,
  • Tells you where you are winning and where you need help,
  • Offers valuable financial insights - with NO obligations.


Take a few minutes to check-out an example of what the Money Check-Up offers and how it can change people’s financial lives for the better


Our moneyGPS Coach is always here to help

5 Top reasons the Money Check-Up will help you on your financial journey!

  • It provides a personal financial roadmap to help identify and take care of key financial needs which need attention,
  • It helps get your financial life in order - so you can take that next big step,
  • You set up your own Client Information Vault - one time only - for future Reports and Advice needs,
  • It’s FREE and it only takes 15-20min to complete … No excuses,
  • It gives you Peace of Mind knowing you have the tools and guidance to improve your financial position



Go Your Own Way!

Finally, you have a solution, a roadmap, to help you achieve your financial dreams.

It's liberating to know you have the resources and assistance to get started on your financial journey.

It helps free your mind to work on your ‘financial to do list’ and keep taking those ‘exciting’ steps.

Importantly moneyGPS will be with you every step of the way.

Start the process now.

It doesn’t take long, and you can tick it off your financial ‘to-do’ list. Then you will be able to stop the “what if’ thinking.

Accessing financial advice from moneyGPS means clients receive Simple, Convenient Solutions at a Low Cost – because our solution is:
  • Affordable – So everyone can afford advice
  • Convenient – Accessing and understanding advice in your own time
  • Flexible – You can go online and talk to someone
  • Targeted – You choose the topics that are important to you
  • Safe – Fully compliant providing you with a sense of confidence

Click the link and start your financial journey. Hit the Get Started Button.