moneyGPS Rewards

Consumers are looking for ways to make their hard-earned dollars go further. moneyGPS Rewards and Rewards Plus*, provides a family access to thousands of offers to save thousands of dollars annually on everyday expenditure items.

moneyGPS Rewards is FREE and will benefit you and your family:

  • Easy access via web and app to thousands of offers
  • Access to savings on gift cards and movie tickets
  • Online cash backs from hundreds of retailers
  • Instore instant savings
  • Savings of up to $5,000 per annum

Get cashback or discount on products, services, and experiences when you shop at one of our 4,500 partners.

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How does moneyGPS Rewards work?

Find your product, service or brand

Search for an item, service, brand or experience – or browse our categories.
For cashback offers you will be redirected to the retailer’s website. For others there is a coupon code.

Complete your purchase
The retailer approves your cashback
Withdraw your cash

Withdraw your cash to your Australian bank account or PayPal account.

Save all your favourite deals for easy exploring.

Simply tap the heart icon and all of your favourite deals will be saved for easy access the next time you shop with us.

moneyGPS Rewards will assist you save even more

By combining the power of moneyGPS with the moneyGPS Rewards program, we will not only help you manage your money, but also help you to save money on everyday purchases.

The savings can be put to work to give you an even better return on your investments.

*Whilst our ‘money GPS Rewards’ program is FREE - our ‘moneyGPS Rewards Plus’ program can be accessed via our subscriptions plan, and provides even more savings to help you along your financial journey.

Start Saving Money Now

See how much money you can save on everyday items

Don’t miss out on the savings you can make from using the moneyGPS Rewards program.

You and your family can start saving straight away!

Enjoy savings on millions of products from hundreds of brands you know and trust.

For even better savings, register for the moneyGPS Rewards Plus* program.

Once you register as a moneyGPS user, accessing moneyGPS Rewards is easy, convenient and gives you instant savings:
  • Convenient – Access via web and app
  • Savings – save on everyday purchases
  • Safe- Fully secure access with secure portal for purchases

Start Saving Money Now


moneyGPS Rewards

With moneyGPS Rewards, you have access all year to savings!

It’s reassuring to know that you and your family can save thousands of dollars every year. Anything from a coffee or fuel, to a holiday!

moneyGPS Rewards is with you, wherever you go.

5 Top reasons this will help you on your financial journey!

  • It’s FREE
  • Easy access to thousands of suppliers
  • Save money on all purchases
  • Contribute to achieving your financial goals sooner
  • Secure access

Start Saving Money Now!

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