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Australia’s first - Fully ‘Client-Led’
digital advice capability.

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This is a game changer!

The only way to solve the affordability of advice problem is to use Technology.

Working Australians now have the opportunity to access affordable personal scaled financial advice, for less than $300 per topic, anytime of day or night – without the need to engage a financial adviser.

There is a problem with Financial Advice in Australia. The majority of Australians cannot afford to pay for financial advice.

  •   12.6m Australians have unmet advice needs.
  • At least 40% or more cannot afford advice, with many more relying on their superfund for guidance.
  •  Approx. 3.2m people are open to engage with an adviser over the next 2yrs.
  •  100k less advised clients today vs. 12 months ago.

Client-led and Compliant

Using technology to create or manufacture, fully ‘client-led’ and compliant, digital personal advice, is the cornerstone of solving the affordability of advice problem everywhere.

Our 2020 focus Group, told us exactly what they wanted to achieve financially ….and supported the use of digital advice to help them achieve their financial objectives.

For these groups it was all about delivering a - Simple - Convenient Solution - at a Low cost.

Clients Have Told Us
Exactly What They Want

"I‘ve never been a financial adviser, don’t know if I’d be ready to spend thousands …but one topic at a time for $300, I could dip my toe in!"

Our digital advice capability provides for a range of common features applicable across all aspects of the financial advisory industry.

Some of the key Benefits to Accounting Firms:

  • No licencing requirements for the accountant
  • Caters for PAYG tax client’s advice needs at affordable prices
  • Helps to enhance client engagement
  • Client details can be used to pre-populate any digital questionnaire
  • System can identify and triage clients for full advice services if offered by the firm

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Our 4 Step Client Advice Process





This is a game changer!

moneyGPS is the solution.  You can be involved!  Help Australians harness the power of their finances so they can build a life they love.

Our technology design for scaled digital advice is complete and can be fully configured under a SaaS arrangement.

Our client engagement process, integration of advice rules into our stochastic based AI engine, and ultimate creation of a single topic SoA - meet all compliance requirements to provide personal scaled advice.

 Our service can complement and support an existing comprehensive advice model.

We invite you to take a few minutes to visit our Partner Information site and fill out our simple ‘Meeting Request Form’ to schedule a meeting with our CEO – George Haramis and learn more about our digital advice proposition.