Online Life & Income Protection Insurance

moneyGPS has identified that Online Life & Income Protection Insurance could be an improvement to your financial road map.

You can take a few simple steps to protect your financial situation as well as your loved ones.


The reasons we need to consider ‘Risk’

moneyGPS has reviewed the responses to the answers you provided and determined that it would be prudent for you to review your current insurance position. Why?

Unfortunately, risk is everywhere. We can’t completely eliminate risk, but we can reduce the financial impacts.

If you have any type of insurance, then you realise that the unexpected may happen.

You understand that risk (i.e., the possibility of suffering harm or loss) is a part of life and the financial impacts can be reduced by having insurance to cover you when things go wrong. That applies whether we are talking about your home, health, car ... or more importantly for you!

It can also provide security to anyone who is your dependent, i.e., a person who depends on another person for support or assistance, particularly financial support. Losing the ability to earn an income is a huge risk that many people don’t consider. But being aware of this risk and minimizing it with insurance can give us peace of mind and a better night’s sleep.

Take a moment and consider your responses to the following questions.

Situation Y/NTypes of Personal Insurances and the ‘Risk’ they seek
to cover.
Could you afford to pay your bills if you couldn’t work for six months?Y/NIncome protection insurance; Income protection insurance covers a proportion of the income you lose because you can’t work due to injury or sickness.
Would your dependents be financially secure if you died suddenly?Y/NLife insurance; A set amount is paid when you die and goes to the people you nominate (your beneficiaries).
Could you afford medical care if you had an accident and suffered a total and permanent disability?Y/NTPD (Total or Permanent Disability) insurance; TPD insurance covers you in the event you become totally and permanently disabled and can’t work again.
Could your family manage financially if you were diagnosed with cancer and were unable to work for a couple of years?Y/NTrauma insurance; Trauma insurance covers you if you are diagnosed with a specified illness or injury that will make a significant impact on your life, such as malignant cancers, or strokes resulting in neurological deficit. Don’t think “it won’t happen to me”.

How You Can Benefit from Online Life & Income Protection Insurance


Let’s review a very common example of what happens when you have the right type and amount of cover (you can afford) in place.

Angela is a 35-year-old single mother of two children. Two years ago, she was diagnosed with a serious type of cancer and told by her doctor that she would likely recover, but only after several years of treatment and rest. This meant that Angela would not have an income for at least two years. When Angela first started her family eight years ago, she looked at her insurance needs and decided on a life insurance policy, coupled with a TPD policy through her super fund so that she wouldn’t have to come up with the premiums each month.

As Angela was staying home with the kids till they went to school, her adviser discussed the option of taking out trauma insurance. Although it was quite expensive, Angela had done her research and knew that it was the most claimed upon personal insurance. Angela decided that the financial security of her family was her main concern and took out the trauma insurance.

Summary: When Angela was diagnosed with cancer:

  • Life insurance would not pay out because she was expected to make a full recovery
  • TPD insurance would not pay out because she was expected to return to work at some point
  • It was her trauma insurance policy that provided a lump sum payment that she could use for medical costs, loss of income, and looking after her family

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Why Lifebroker is our Preferred Partner for Online Life & Income Protection Insurance

  • They do the comparison for you for each type of insurance at no cost
  • They will help you through the insurance application and follow up with the Insurer on your behalf
  • They are there to help you and walk you through the process and answer any questions
  • They act on your behalf and not on behalf of the insurance company

Tough Talk

We all know that buying any form of personal insurance seems like a ‘Grudge Purchase’!

However, have you ever considered the impacts of NOT having any or enough personal insurance? Well, let’s consider some of those impacts if you don’t!

The impacts of NOT having any or enough personal insurance include:

  • Dependants not being cared for properly
  • Having to rely on family
  • Having to pay for rehabilitation expenses or medical expenses
  • Having to pay for funeral expenses
  • Having to sell the family home due to mortgage stress
  • The stress of having to go back to work while either still in rehabilitation, or still grieving, having to rely on government welfare payments which can be as low as a quarter of the average wage

We can list all the stats - which don’t lie, but just to make the point:
21% of all Australians stop work before the normal retirement age, due to ill health. Source – ABS Stas 2018-2019.


Online Life & Income Protection Insurance

We know life insurance isn’t an exciting step to your financial freedom, but it is one of those steps that once done, can liberate you from worry, and fears. It helps free your mind to work on some of the more ‘exciting’ steps.

If you have received one of our reports - grab it, we have already calculated how much cover you need!

Do this with an excited open heart. It doesn’t take long and you can tick it off your financial to-do list. Then you will be able to stop the “what if’ thinking.

Click the button below and start the process. Hit the Life Insurance Button.

5 Top reasons Online Life & Income Protection Insurance will help you on your financial way!!

  • Replace Lost Income
  • Pay Off Debt
  • Protect your Loved Ones
  • Cover any unexpected medical treatment not included in any health cover
  • Peace of Mind …... yours and your family’s

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