Savings & Investment

moneyGPS has identified the Savings & Investment Advice Plan as an Opportunity to improve your financial position.

Suitable for anyone who has a financial goal they need to save for.

Why Savings & Investments are Important

You need to make sure you capitalize on your hard-earned savings ability.

Well done on maintaining a healthy cashflow position and managing to build up some savings.

We’ve considered your current bank balance, cashflow and overall attitude towards your finances in light of your personal circumstances and believe you could begin investing.

moneyGPS uses state of the art technology that can help to give you the best advice for your needs when it comes to investing your money.

If you have a specific goal you’re saving for, investing can be a really good way to help get you there faster.

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How You Will Benefit from Expert Advice
and Professional Money Management
at a fraction of the Normal Cost

The moneyGPS Savings & Investment plan provides you the opportunity to make a personal investment (outside of super) –a lump sum with the option of a regular contributions / savings plan after receiving professional advice for less than $300 compared to $’000’s if you went to a traditional financial planner.

The plan provides you with a compliant Statement of Advice (SoA or ‘Money Map’) in making a personal investment (outside of super).

Your funds will be managed by the world’s largest asset manager – BLACK ROCK across a range of portfolios.

The portfolios have been especially selected for moneyGPS clients to meet their savings & investment needs.

As a Bonus to all moneyGPS clients, your money will be managed without their usual portfolio management fee - providing further savings to you from Day1!

The combination of our advice process and Black Rock’s expert skills allows us to identify the most appropriate investment portfolio type, that is in your best interest.

Saving versus investing: What’s the difference?


Putting money aside
for a specific purchase
that’s easy to get to when you need it.


buying an asset or putting your money somewhere
in the hope of increasing the value of the asset or getting an income from it, or both!

Case Study

Will and Natasha

Making a difference: let’s look at one example of how professional money management can make a difference to your savings:

Natasha received an inheritance when she was 20, so she invested $50,000 into a savings account. She met and married Will in her thirties and now they are both aged in their fifties, planning retirement.

Going through their finances, Natasha told Will about the $50,000 she invested when she was 20. Will was pleased but said he could match that as he had also invested $50,000. The difference was that Will made his investment when he was 40 years old.

Let’s see the difference compound interest has made to both their investments.

The lesson in this story is, the more you earn compound interest (you are literally reinvesting the profits of your investments over and over), the better!

*Both examples assume all returns have been left in the investment, interest of 5% compounded monthly (effective interest rate is 5.12%) and income tax is paid by the investor.

Think about your goals. They could include a new car, a vacation overseas, that hobby farm or beach shack down the coast. Or even your retirement plans, like travelling Australia in a motorhome or cruising through Europe.

Having an idea of what you want to achieve and when you want to achieve it is a good starting point for your investment strategy.

Source Money101-MoneyGPS Client Modules

Five Key Investment Principles

There’s a lot to think about before investing your money.

Consider these key principles to help you make your decision:

  • Set your investment goals
  • Start early, invest regularly and reinvest returns
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket
  • Time the market (stay in as long as you can), not market timing
  • Goes to Be ‘in the know’

Tough Talk

Time is money! Don’t fall into the trap of leaving your money just sitting in an account – or even under the bed.

The sooner you start making your money grow – and with the help of the world’s largest fund manager and benefit from their specialist investment skills - the sooner you will reach your goal. Waiting could cost you thousands$!

To make it easy for you the whole process is fully digitized, from when you complete your questionnaire, receive your recommendation to when you invest your money. How easy is that!

Accessing financial advice from moneyGPS means clients receive
So Act Now!

  • Low Cost – So everyone can afford advice
  • Convenient – Accessing and understanding advice in your own time
  • Flexible – You can go online and talk to someone
  • Targeted – You chose the topics that are important to you
  • Safe – Fully compliant providing you with a sense of confidence

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Finally, you have a solution, a roadmap, to help you achieve your financial dreams.

Its liberating to know you have the resources and assistance to get started on your financial journey.

It helps free your mind to work on your ‘financial to do list’ and keep taking those ‘exciting’ steps.

Importantly moneyGPS will be with you every step of the way.

Start the process now and begin investing with moneyGPS and Black Rock.

It doesn’t take long, and you can tick it off your financial ‘to-do’ list. Then you will be able to stop the “what if’ thinking.

5 Top reasons this will help you on your financial journey!

  • Receive expert advice at a fraction of the normal cost …. So don’t miss out!
  • Grow your money faster
  • Achieve your goal quicker
  • Work with the world’s largest money manager
  • Peace of Mind knowing you are making sure your money works for you and your goals

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