Super Co-Contributions

moneyGPS has identified the Superannuation Co-contributions Advice Plan as an Opportunity to improve your super balance …. And ultimately your retirement nest egg.

Suitable for anyone who can qualify for the Government to help pay for some of their super contributions.

Why Super Co-Contributions are Important

You have the opportunity to improve your super balance with the Government's help!

A Super Co-contribution is when the government acknowledges your after tax contributions into your superannuation account by providing a contribution of up to $500 for you as a bonus – which also helps to boost your retirement savings!

It’s a free kick.

To qualify, you have to earn between a certain amount of income and chip in some contributions of your own.
Looking at the information you gave us, we believe you may be able to take advantage of this and possibly qualify for a great return on your super investment from Day 1!

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How You Will Benefit from Expert Advice
at a fraction of the Normal Cost

The moneyGPS Super Co-contributions advice plan provides you the opportunity to receive a personal super contribution from the government, after receiving professional advice for $55 compared to potentially $’000’s if you went to a traditional financial planner.

The plan provides you with a compliant Statement of Advice (SoA or ‘Money Map’) in assessing whether it is viable for the user to make an after-tax superannuation co-contribution for your respective superannuation fund.

A super co-contribution is a payment made by the Government up to a maximum of $500, to acknowledge the amount made by the individual, provided certain requirements are met.

Case Study

Making a difference
Let’s look at one example of how this simple but effective strategy can make a difference to your end super balance and help your retirement nest-egg.

Meet Sally

She’s currently employed and has a yearly salary of $34,000 and has a super balance of $30,000.
As Sally’s salary is less than $41,112 she is eligible to take advantage of the full super co-contribution bonus.

If Sally contributes $1,000 as an after-tax, non-concessional contribution, the government will contribute 50% of her contribution ($500), effectively increasing the total amount to $1,500.

Sally is curious to know the long-term benefit to her super balance over 10 years if she was to continue to make after-tax contributions

How could the co-contribution benefit Sally?

See the table that shows the result of not making the $1,000 personal after tax contribution compared to contributing the $1,000 and receiving the full super co-contribution.


Current Salary: $34,000
Current Superannuation Balance: $30,000
Current Age: 57

Note: all other assumptions are the default assumptions of the Moneysmart superannuation calculator.

Tough Talk

Time is money! It’s not every day you get a leg-up from the Government, but they’re here to help build your super balance by contributing to your super. The sooner you start making your money grow the sooner you will improve your super balance

Waiting could cost you thousands$!

Accessing financial advice from moneyGPS means clients receive
So Act Now!

  • Low Cost – So everyone can afford advice
  • Convenient – Accessing and understanding advice in your own time
  • Flexible – You can go online and talk to someone
  • Targeted – You choose the topics that are important to you
  • Safe – Fully compliant providing you with a sense of confidence

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Super Co-Contributions

Finally, you have a solution, a roadmap, to help you achieve your financial dreams.

Its liberating to know you have the resources and assistance to get started on your financial journey.

It helps free your mind to work on your ‘financial to do list’ and keep taking those ‘exciting’ steps.

Importantly moneyGPS will be with you every step of the way.

Start the process now and find out how the government could help you grow your super.

It doesn’t take long, and you can tick it off your financial ‘to-do’ list. Then you will be able to stop the “what if’ thinking.

5 Top reasons this will help you on your financial journey!

  • Receive expert advice at a fraction of the normal cost
  • Grow your super faster …. with the help of the Government!
  • You will receive projections to show you the potential impact this could have
  • This is a ‘Free Kick’ …. So don’t miss out!
  • Peace of Mind knowing you are taking advantage of government assistance available to you

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