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moneyGPS has identified that you will benefit from reviewing your current debt position by engaging our preferred Lending & Finance Partner.

UFinancial is one of Australia’s leading, privately owned lending services firm.

Established in 2010 as a team of professional finance & mortgage brokers to help people navigate through the highly competitive, everchanging mortgage and finance landscape, UFinancial has helped thousands of Australians with their lending needs.

The UFinancial team of expert mortgage brokers work with the lenders to find the best options for you, whether you are looking to:

  • structure a better deal on your current mortgage or overall existing debt position,
  • fund the purchase of your first home,
  • an investment property;
  • refinance; or secure commercial, business, vehicle, and equipment finance.

Lending made easy!

We know that the process of applying for new loans, or restructuring existing loans, can be daunting for a lot of people.

That’s where UFinancial comes into play.

Our experienced brokers do your homework for you and keep up to date with all the available options to help you find the right loan at no cost to you.

  • We talk Human! Online, on the phone, or wherever our clients need us. Like a well-informed friend we’ll be there.
  • Our default setting: transparency. We share trust through transparency. Because it is our job to break down the technical lingo and empower you with the options and answer questions you may have.
  • We tailor your plan for U. We collaborate with you to create an individual roadmap to achieve your lifestyle and financial goals. Our individually tailored processes and plans are driven by data, facts and rigorous analysis.


Structuring debt – whether new or existing – is a seriously important business which needs the partnership of a finance professional who will help you to:
  • Satisfy your financial objectives with their guidance,
  • Assess the structure by taking into account the current and future financial climate,
  • Arrange your collateral or security properly,
  • Regularly review the market position and provide their view on what steps you can take to leverage any opportunities to restructure your debt - in full or in part.
  • Acquire new assets or investments as your financial position improves.


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Tough Talk

In today’s changing financial environment, things move very quickly!

This is not the time to just sit back and think – ‘All my debt is well positioned … I don’t need to review it for years!”

That attitude could cost you thousands of dollars in extra repayments. Q: in whose pockets do you want that money to end up? The answer is obvious of course.

Do not procrastinate - whether for new or refinanced loans – act now.


Lending & Finance

Getting the right information and advice that will help you make the best choices for your future finance needs.

Do not procrastinate - whether for new or refinanced loans – act now. Out team re there to assist you every step of the way.

The benefits of working with an experienced finance professional

  • Flexibility – we collaborate with you and schedule our time to meet your requirements.
  • We do all the legwork for you.
  • We can provide quick and easy loan comparison to find you the best deal.
  • All of our staff are qualified and experienced.

We help you through the pre-qualification process and guide you to the result you need.

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