Helping women create financial security and freedom for their future

moneyGPS has identified women between the ages of 26–45 are the fastest growing demographic taking action to secure their future*.

Let’s make one of those women you.

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*ASX Investors Study 2020

Does any of this sound like you?

  • You’ve ignored your finances or put them in the too-hard basket.
  • Numbers, maths, budgeting and spreadsheets have you breaking out in a sweat.
  • You've got little understanding of basic financial concepts (hey, we’re not taught this stuff at school, it’s not your fault)
  • You don’t seem to know where your money goes
  • You have a fear or running out of, or losing money, or being in your 60’s and poor
  • Guilt and shame around your finances often holds you back
  • If you resonate with any (or all, no shame ladies) of this, you’re in the right place.

Just like two sides of a dollar coin, there’s two sides to managing your money. Mastering your mind, then implementing effective financial strategies.

Women Talking Finance takes a holistic approach in developing your financial know-how. Starting with identifying your internal challenges (which are probably in your blindspot), moving problem areas into view, then working together on the external practical solutions to provide simple yet highly effective strategies to transform your financial life.

The result? Complete. Financial. Freedom. On your terms.

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Get unstuck. It’s time to move from financial avoidance to action.

Time and money are the perfect power couple so not taking action will cost you either time or money in the future.

Are you ready to:

  • move past the overwhelm you feel around money?
  • create ease around your finances and create a life of joy?
  • grow wealth for your family and create a secure future
  • stop being in denial about your finances and discover the right place to start?

You’re in the right place. And you’re not alone.

With a female money coach by your side, get ready to move from fear to confidence. Spending to saving. Debt to wealth. Powerless to empowered.

Because we believe that every woman in Australia should have the chance to live a fulfilled, fearless, and financially secure life. Without the usual overwhelm, shame, and guilt that holds us back from getting clarity, courage and control over their finances.

We all know what we need to do when it comes to money, but there’s a clear gap between knowing and doing.

Take the first step to move from money avoidance to action.

Here’s how money coaching will help you:

One-on-One Money Session

If you’re looking to test the waters, be pointed in the right direction or have a specific money challenge you want to discuss? Book an hour-long coaching session where we can address where you are now and where you want to go.


90 day Money Transformation Coaching

Transform your money mindset and behaviours through our Money Transformation package of fortnightly coaching, education and accountability. This is perfect for anyone looking to make real, lasting changes in their financial life.


Online Program

If you’re looking for the resources and support to go from unsure to secure in your financial future this one's for you. This program guides you through 7 Modules over 3 months to completely overhaul and improve your financial position.


Couples Coaching

Like with anything in a relationship, communication is a key factor in whether you have financial friction or financial harmony. In my couples coaching experience you’ll discover the blissful middle ground between love and money.


Who Am I and What Makes Me Qualified to be Your Money Coach?

Hey, I’m Karen Eley – Female Money Coach. Former Financial Adviser. Morning Person.

So why should you open up and trust me? I’m glad you asked.

I created Women Talking Finance because I wanted to create a business and community that helps women just like me, who want a secure financial future and financial freedom.

I’ve worked in financial advice for over 20 years, including 16 years as a financial adviser. What I saw was the need for people to be better connected and engaged with their money. I’d see women in particular feeling overwhelmed by financial concepts and therefore avoid dealing with it, or telling me “I’m just not good at this money thing” it all a lot of the time.

And why would we be, when we’re not taught about investing, superannuation or basic money management at school? The problem is when we don’t have knowledge or confidence we get disempowered and it becomes challenging to take the financial responsibility we need to.

Through coaching, sharing financial knowledge (without the jargon) and money tools, I help women become confident and competent to make their own financial decisions.


Women Talking Finance

Not sure what’s right for you? Let’s chat.

We get that making a commitment to change your money story and open yourself up to conversations around finances can come with some trepidation.
You want to know the person you’re speaking with has walked in your shoes and will have your back.

Book a free 15 minute no-obligation chat to see if financial coaching with us is right for you.

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