For too long, the financial industry hasn’t been able to support average Aussies who want high quality affordable, compliant advice.

moneyGSP has the solution: A cutting edge platform that combines AI, and real human expertise. This platform uses the power of AI and  15,000 datasets, takes the user's starting point ( the money check-up). It then plots the roadmap.

Technology has allowed us to reduce the average cost of financial advice by 90%. We have designed the platform for people who never thought they could afford expert advice; we believe it's time they have the power at their fingertips.

We have created a pay as you go model, so you only need to pay for the advice you need now, not an entire plan that tries to predict everything you need from here until retirement.

Take a look at some the Topics of Advice we provide

( ok, ok, in the finance world, we need to tick the compliance box - so you probably need to know, that we call the topics - Statements of Advice.  Our marketing team hates these terms, but we are doing everything by the book for you and the govt)


We can help you achieve your goals by setting up a regular savings plan or investing a lump sum.


We'll help you work out if your current home loan structure is appropriate to your circumstances, and consolidate any other debt you might have.


Work out what insurance options are right for both you and your family.


We'll get your retirement goals on track and guide you on the matters that matter most.


Get the most out of your superannuation, whether that means changing funds, switching investment options or making additional or spousal contributions.